Word of the Week

March 18, 2007



A shield of fabric placed across one's lap to diffuse gas permeation during a flight.

Ex: I'm using an in-flight blanket as a fapron, but I don't know if it's strong enough.

[Origin: 35,000 feet: Jan 2, 2007; Abused American English, Bev Reese]



Someone who acts like they've never tooted. Liars are most easily recognized when there are only two people in the room.

Ex: He said, "If you're saying you didn't toot, either you're a liar or your sniffer is broken."


[e-go mee-ting]

When someone calls a meeting just to hear themselves speak. The meeting ususally has no relevance other than to test how one's voice ecos in a conference room.

[Origin: New York, NY: March 10, 2006; Bev Reese]