Word of the Week

November 22, 2006


[in-sahyt-fuh l-eye-tus]

A condition in which brain inflamation makes a normally self-involved, shallow schmuck display insight and a deep perspective on others. Usually temporary condition that includes naseau, fever and compassion. Only in extreme cases is medical attention required.

[Origin: Hoboken, NJ: Nov 21, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]

November 09, 2006


[fahr-kuh l]

Flatulence that escapes ones britches so quickly that it creates a spark or sparkler effect.

[Origin: 1975; American English, Art Gray]

November 07, 2006


[ juh-net-iks]

1. The link that proves that alcoholism is hereditary.

2. The science of comparing the levels of Gin in the bloodstream in a parent vs. their child.

[Origin: Nov, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]



When one aspires to become as difficult to work with as his or her co-workers or boss.

Ex: She’s just being rude because she has ass-peer-ations.

[Origin: Nov, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]