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April 30, 2008


Already over-paid celebrity who uses face and/or body to sell products.

Sometimes used as sell-eb, selleb, or sell-ebrity.

Ex: Look at David Beckham's latest selleb ad campaign. Ex: Is that Matthew McConaughey in that selleb ad? I didn't recognize him with his shirt on.

[Origin: New York, NY: April. 30, 2008; Abused American English, Bev Reese]

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January 29, 2008



A monarchy government run by one or two families, disguised as a democracy. The U.S. is currently a democra-monarchy, having had a Bush or Clinton in the White House administration for over 30 years.

Ex: If Hillary Clinton gets elected, by the end of her term, her heir, daughter Chelsea will be old enough to run for President and take over the Democra-Monarchy.

[Origin: New York, NY: Dec. 12, 2007; Abused American English, Bev Reese]

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May 18, 2007



The process by which butt cheeks eat away at underpants and often pants or skirts to create a wedgie. Often caused when running or walking. Sometimes reversed by sitting.

Ex: The front of her pants are pulled tight because of the wedgification in the back.

[Origin: New York, NY: May 18, 2007; Abused American English, Bev Reese]

March 18, 2007



A shield of fabric placed across one's lap to diffuse gas permeation during a flight.

Ex: I'm using an in-flight blanket as a fapron, but I don't know if it's strong enough.

[Origin: 35,000 feet: Jan 2, 2007; Abused American English, Bev Reese]



Someone who acts like they've never tooted. Liars are most easily recognized when there are only two people in the room.

Ex: He said, "If you're saying you didn't toot, either you're a liar or your sniffer is broken."


[e-go mee-ting]

When someone calls a meeting just to hear themselves speak. The meeting ususally has no relevance other than to test how one's voice ecos in a conference room.

[Origin: New York, NY: March 10, 2006; Bev Reese]

January 10, 2007



Term used by professionals in the NYC borroughs and Long Island to refer to data.

Ex: The reports have errors because the datter is wrong.

[Origin: Financial Company, New York, NY: Jan 10, 2007; Abused American English, Bev Reese]


Compulsive Googler. Someone who immediately goes to google.com anytime a new thought pops in their head. Sometimes they keep lists of things they need to google, and may develop a twitch if away from the internet for more than a few hours.

Ex: The man yelled, "Help, call 911, I think she's a compulsoogler. Get this woman internet access to stop the convulsions!"

[Origin: New York, NY: Jan. 10, 2007; Abused American English, Bev Reese]


[boom cha-icka]

Name for aspiring DJ neighbor. Name derived from drum beat of club music vibrating from their home through neighborhood - boom-chica, boom-chica, boom-chica.

Ex: The floor is shaking because Boom Chica is home.

[Origin: Hoboken, NJ: Sept 17, 2006; Abused American English, Art Gray]

December 19, 2006


Use of the word freedom as a marketing term for political gain.

Ex: Freedumb Fries or Freedumb Towers

[Origin: Hoboken, NJ: Dec. 18, 2006; Abused American English, Bev Reese]

November 22, 2006


[in-sahyt-fuh l-eye-tus]

A condition in which brain inflamation makes a normally self-involved, shallow schmuck display insight and a deep perspective on others. Usually temporary condition that includes naseau, fever and compassion. Only in extreme cases is medical attention required.

[Origin: Hoboken, NJ: Nov 21, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]

November 09, 2006


[fahr-kuh l]

Flatulence that escapes ones britches so quickly that it creates a spark or sparkler effect.

[Origin: 1975; American English, Art Gray]

November 07, 2006


[ juh-net-iks]

1. The link that proves that alcoholism is hereditary.

2. The science of comparing the levels of Gin in the bloodstream in a parent vs. their child.

[Origin: Nov, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]



When one aspires to become as difficult to work with as his or her co-workers or boss.

Ex: She’s just being rude because she has ass-peer-ations.

[Origin: Nov, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]

October 26, 2006



1. A facial expression of remorse or sorrow.

2. The guilty expression a woman gives when leaving a public restroom after creating an unpleasant aroma. Generally the look is given to the next person entering the restroom, but can be seen by anyone nearby.

[Origin: Boca Chica Restaurant: Nov, 2005; American English, Bev Reese]

October 24, 2006


[vur-choo-uh l / hos-tij]

1. A person bound and gagged by technology, or lack thereof.

2. An employee trapped in an office space, usually a cubicle, with no way to e-mail jokes to the outside world.

(The employee most likely accepted the position without knowing that the company that blocks essential websites such as craigslist, myspace, gmail, yahoo, etc.)

[Origin: Financial Company: Oct 25, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]