Word of the Week

October 26, 2006



1. A facial expression of remorse or sorrow.

2. The guilty expression a woman gives when leaving a public restroom after creating an unpleasant aroma. Generally the look is given to the next person entering the restroom, but can be seen by anyone nearby.

[Origin: Boca Chica Restaurant: Nov, 2005; American English, Bev Reese]

October 24, 2006


[vur-choo-uh l / hos-tij]

1. A person bound and gagged by technology, or lack thereof.

2. An employee trapped in an office space, usually a cubicle, with no way to e-mail jokes to the outside world.

(The employee most likely accepted the position without knowing that the company that blocks essential websites such as craigslist, myspace, gmail, yahoo, etc.)

[Origin: Financial Company: Oct 25, 2006; American English, Bev Reese]